Kelly (03.26.10, 1:39 PM): This is WONDERFUL!!! I learned this when I shot a newborn. I shot the same pose in RAW in each of the Monotones to make a collage later. Opening the photos in Bridge, I noticed that none of my RAW Monotone photos were there... Where did they go??? The mother of the baby saw them when we reviewed the images in the rear screen, so I knew they were there... What I did have was about 9 of the same pose all in color. It just gives me another reason to shoot in .jpg and not rely on RAW as a crutch. Glad you thought to cover this :)

christine (03.19.10, 10:49 PM): Can't wait. Thanks!

Michael Andrew (03.19.10, 10:18 PM): Very good James! Thats right, the preview on the back of the camera is a JPEG preview only. Yes Reggie, Custom WB really only helps for JPEG (and Video occasionally)- Ill try to post more on this tomorrow for you Christine.

christine (03.19.10, 3:39 PM): So you are going to explain more, right? I am just starting to feel like I'm grasping exposure now you toss this out there? In RAW it doesn't retain the Custom White balance of the image as when taken? I am kind of going along with the view finder image is jpeg, that makes sense. I switched to RAW recently so only understand the basics of RAW is a negative of the image. Isn't it best to get it SOOC to the best of your ability? Just when I think I have a clue, it gets taken away!

Reggie (03.19.10, 2:13 PM): Im confused! Does this mean Custom WB only really matters to Jpegs??

James (03.19.10, 1:11 PM): I know. I know...LOL because the image you are seeing on the preview is a jpeg rendering of what the camera thinks of the data. I never use customer white balance either with raw files. So much easier to make the adjustments in post production.