michael andrew (12.01.07, 11:39 AM): HEY! So good to hear from you guys! You were all perfectly wonderful! I just put your disk in the mail- I would imagine you will have it soon- I had a great time and should be back in a few weeks. Please send me your email address Amy! Thanks!

Mikaele Barney (12.01.07, 10:52 AM): thank you for taking our photos! Goodbye

Kylen Barney (12.01.07, 10:39 AM): thank you Michael, for taking my picture. It was fun.

Oryan Barney (12.01.07, 10:33 AM): I love the pics you are really good at this . i would like to have a talent as good as this. It was so much fun to get our pictures taken, usually it is really boring and tiring this was alot better. Thanks!!!

Amy and fam (12.01.07, 10:26 AM): Thanks again for the shoot it was great fun and we'd love to do it again, let us know whenever you are back in Utah. Love the pics and can't wait to see the rest. You really captured the essence of us. I'd also be interested in some amatuer lessons if you are ever interested. THanks again, the crew.