christine (03.07.10, 9:08 AM): the whole story really creeps me out for some reason but am thinking of going for the visuals and Johnny Depp is always fantastic in these kind of roles. The critics sure don't seem to like this one.

Boz (03.06.10, 9:59 PM): I'm with you there Shannon - can't quite put my finger on it - but I've just never liked the story.

chaos2k (03.06.10, 9:41 AM): I may take my oldest this week. I never watched the original

Shannon Morgan (03.06.10, 8:24 AM): for some reason i have NEVER liked the story of Alice and Wonderland, but will for sure see this movie, i LOVE jonny :)!

hawaii rocher (03.06.10, 12:31 AM): Heard 3D was wayyy cooler than just the regular version!