Caroline (11.21.07, 8:37 PM): BTW, the first picture is my favorite!

Caroline (11.21.07, 8:36 PM): Absolutely gorgous! Good job Elizabeth and Mike!

Elizabeth (11.21.07, 12:41 PM): I have written five drafts of a comment for your blog, and none of them come close to saying what I want to. Thank you Mike. They are truly amazing.

Emily (11.21.07, 9:31 AM): That is my sister!!! Wow! Those are beautiful pictures you took of her! She is gorgeous!

B (11.21.07, 8:24 AM): She's a HOT BABE!!!! Great photos!

Aaron (11.20.07, 11:30 PM): She looks great! Looking good Elizabeth!

michael andrew (11.20.07, 8:36 PM): Your pictures are wonderfully beautiful Elizabeth! Nice work!