chaos2k (12.21.09, 7:38 AM): went to see it last night. was awesome

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer (12.19.09, 9:31 PM): It will be sometime before there is a movie to compare with the visual scope of Avatar.

Shannon Morgan (12.19.09, 12:37 PM): A-M-A-Z-I-N-G - SOOO beautiful!!!

Brian (12.18.09, 10:00 PM): Saw it in 3-D tonight. Amazing. The previews do not do it justice. For such an epic movie it has lousy previews. I don't know how you would make a good 30 sec preview, the movie is just too big to give a feel for it in that time. I back Michael up on this one, go see it! Hats of to James Cameron.

Melody (12.18.09, 6:01 PM): I agree with Boz... I wasn't really interested in this movie just from the ads. But from what you're saying, I think I may go see it. Maybe it will be a movie to see with the siblings on the holidays.

kim (12.18.09, 11:36 AM): I wanted to see it from the very beginning and after I saw how it was made I wanted to see it even more! We were going to go see it in regular theaters tonight but if we can get to see it in 3d that would be awesome we'll have to see if there's a 3d theater close by

Boz (12.18.09, 10:05 AM): WOW - you certainly put a different light on that for me. I saw the previews in the theatre and just thought - Bomb, big time. Now I'm kind of interested to see the whole thing :)

chaos2k (12.18.09, 8:09 AM): I can't wait to see this. we don't have a 3D theater here :( but I'm sure I'll love it on the big screen

Karen (12.18.09, 7:38 AM): Wow! Such an outstanding MA approval says a lot for this movie. I am anxious to see it as well.