tammytin (11.24.09, 5:47 PM): I saw this one too the first night out, not because I am a Twilight fan but because we were out of town and we needed a family thing to do sooo.. it was crazy the ppl that turned out for this! We got lucky and got in on the 7:00 showing and missed all the previews. All other theaters and showings were SOLD OUT!! Liked it but didnt love it. First was better in my opinion. If someone ever does this movie right it will be phenomenal!

heidi (11.22.09, 7:42 PM): i despise jacob in the books. just seems like a big dumb kid. does he even go to school? he seems unemployable and no girl should be okay with that. but i loved him in the movie. my biggest problem with the whole love triangle is lack of communication and solid decision making. waffling drives me but. but i loved the fight scenes. i'm a sucker for supernatural violence.

Shannon Morgan (11.20.09, 3:39 PM): I am so team jacob!!!!

Karen (11.20.09, 10:27 AM): lol!!! Michael is Team Jacob!! ha ha!!

tammy (11.20.09, 9:49 AM): all the jacob stuff will be put in perspective in the next few books/movies. i saw the double feature last night...twilight.... then new moon at harkins. i love the energy in the twilight films...the packed theater ...all the girls screaming for jacob and edward... laughing at all the inside jokes. in the one i saw one adult guy in the audience jokingly yelped when dakota fanning walked on screen...it was funny! i love jacobs character.... your right... there aren't many like him around these days that know how to treat a girl right.