Boz (10.25.09, 11:02 PM): Oh, I Like!

Rob (10.24.09, 2:05 PM): Technically only one camera took the picture. :) Your right arm is a little off from the one in the LCD display, but it is hardly noticeable.

michael andrew (10.23.09, 10:16 PM): Very good! The camera Im holding and the camera that took this picture are the same. :)

Jim (10.23.09, 12:24 PM): It depends if you're holding a camera as the camera in the picture is blocking you. Three if you are. Two if you aren't.

Yaeko (10.23.09, 10:51 AM): Hi Michael, what an interesting post. I like your 365 Project - great. And I have to agree with 3 cameras. Keep up the good work.

Mark (10.23.09, 9:27 AM): It's three cameras. Otherwise Michael would be an unbelievable illusionist.

RickL (10.22.09, 11:11 PM): One camera to take the picture of a camera that took a picture of a camera

Kyle (10.22.09, 10:24 PM): Jeff - Good call!

Jeff Taylor (10.22.09, 10:04 PM): Two. The angles on your hands are different, thus the camera display is showing a previous picture rather than a live view.

Kyle (10.22.09, 8:43 PM): Three cameras are somewhat involved, however, it only takes the one camera to actually take the picture :)

Barbara Holland (10.22.09, 8:37 PM): Three.