Brian Owen (10.21.09, 11:26 AM): Just tried to watch the Nocturne video on Vincent's Smug mug link, and it looks like it is removed for now. Website says per Canon's request. Bummer.

michael andrew (10.20.09, 2:54 PM): I agree, its very curious. However, the sensor has some new technology built into it, this is probably a huge factor on how it can shoot ISO 102,400, so I am not ready to discount it just because its a 1.3x size, which is a good thing if you are shooting sports. Like the 7D, it also has 2 processors. To me the 1d IV has 2 main customers: 1. Professional Sport shooters 2. Movie makers. Word on the street is this new sensor size will be in the new 60D (also rumored to be released in Feb, not December). While Im tempted to play with it, I dont think Ill be purchasing or doing a DVD on the 1d mark iv.

mark Iuzzolino (10.20.09, 6:47 AM): Michael, what's your opinion on this new APS-H size sensor? It seems to me surprising that they would put a sensor smaller than full in such a high end camera.

Capturing New Beginnings (10.20.09, 6:09 AM): Wow, you are going to have quite the collection of pictures in one year of just all the people you have met...not to mention all the famous individuals at your workshops:)