Brian (10.21.09, 1:13 PM): You got to love a picture of a $5000 body with a $400 lens on it. :)

michael andrew (10.20.09, 4:47 PM): I agree- this is a much needed update, Im wondering why it is taking so long to get it out.

Derrick (10.20.09, 11:20 AM): I guess the announcement from Canon today on the development of a firmware update for its EOS 5D Mark II digital SLR puts it in the range of the 7d and mark1 IV on video capabilities. "The updated version will enable full frame high definition (1080p) video recording at 24 and 25 frames per second.The new firmware is expected to be made available for download in the first half of 2010"

Julia Shinkle (10.20.09, 9:03 AM):, let me see, where did I put that extra 5 grand I had just laying around here...hmmmm. Thanks for putting this up!

michael andrew (10.20.09, 6:05 AM): PS- For those of you keeping track, Canon is absolutely destroying Nikon in the Video / SLR contest. I am anxious to see how Nikon responds (and I really do want them to keep the contest interesting, for everyone's sake) - :)

Boz (10.20.09, 6:05 AM): Next purchase?