Shannon Morgan Photography (10.12.09, 11:14 PM): that is incredible, it hurts my head just trying to figure it out :)!!

Kyle (10.12.09, 5:05 PM): One of my favorites. Really cool.

MindyB (10.12.09, 4:06 PM): I love this!!!! I want to learn I will practice it.

Alstare Photography (10.12.09, 12:25 PM): Great shot... I am gonna have to spend my turkey day thinking this one out abit well I relax...!

Diane (10.12.09, 10:49 AM): You're always it!

Alex Rubio (10.12.09, 9:37 AM): That looks so cool, you look transparent, really neat effect...

Bill (10.12.09, 7:44 AM): That is outstanding. I really like it.