elle (07.19.11, 4:58 PM): thank u very much that was very helpful

Debbie (02.08.11, 1:25 AM): I know this is a really old post, but did you ever post pictures comparing 5D Mark II & 7D? What was your verdict?

Boz (09.30.09, 10:02 PM): hmmmm, I'm thinking my 50D is going to become my backup in the new year :P, and so far my husband is for it too - yeah! Looking forward to seeing your testing Michael. ps, got my second destination wedding request for 2010 tonight - now if only I can have someone get married in Maui !!

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer (09.30.09, 4:54 PM): Photo Comparisons for all Cameras Old and New http://www.imaging-resource.com On the left go to "Compare Sample Images". In the left box at the top, select "All" camera models and scroll down to the "Canon 1D Mk iii or the Canon 5D Mkii", when the page loads click on "Still-life 400". Double Click on the Photo to show detail. In the right box at the top select the 7D from the drop down menu. When the page loads click on "Still-life 400". Double Click on the Photo to show detail. Go Back and Look at the Still-life 12800" Pay careful attention to the Red fabric and the Black cup.

michael andrew (09.30.09, 4:45 PM): I can do some ISO tests tonight (I typically like to do these in pure dark rooms as noise is most visible in shadows. Is there anything else you guys would like for me to test? Post your requests here and Ill do my best to check them out!

Curtis W. (09.30.09, 3:35 PM): I desperately want to see side-by-side ISO comparisons. I am upgrading from the 40D and was all set to buy the 5DII, but held off when the 7D was announced. The ISO 50 is not as important to me as ISO 3200. How do ambient light images in a dark sanctuary or a reception hall look from a 40D. 7D, 5DMKII?

Shannon Morgan Photography (09.30.09, 3:32 PM): this is amazing, i can't wait to see the comparison pictures!!

Anthony (09.30.09, 11:04 AM): Am I crazy to consider selling me 5D MKII and 24-70mm f/2.8 to get the 7D, 17-55 f/2.8, & 10-22mm?

Rebecca (09.30.09, 10:12 AM): WOW!! That sounds amazing!! I can't wait to see your comparisons!!

Rob (09.30.09, 9:57 AM): Wow, it sounds like it is packed with features. Using the same batteries, does the life of the battery last as long as before?

chaos2k (09.30.09, 8:57 AM): I've been dreaming about the 5d2 since it came out but now this seems to be even sweeter and for zoom shooters the 1.6 crop is great. now If I can only win the lottery...lol

Derrick (09.30.09, 8:43 AM): Michael, thanks so much for the comparison. I can't wait to see your real word comparison tests. If this still holds true, that extra $1k, can go towards a good prime lens....... =)