michael andrew (09.29.09, 1:58 PM): Well said everyone- I appreciate your comments! Occam did nail it- I like to ask myself this question from time to time to find out what I am not doing right with my life. I don't think having limited time or limitless money should have an impact on what we are doing, and what really brings us happiness.

Elizabeth (09.28.09, 10:30 PM): Since I have the extra time, make doubly sure that I am square with everyone...

Scott Roeben (09.28.09, 6:18 PM): I'd do the Michael Andrew workship in Hawaii. Oh, and spend time with loved ones, blah-blah.

Bill (09.28.09, 1:55 PM): also, occam, if I know Michael, I'll bet that's why he asked the question....you've hit the nail on the head, so to speak.

Bill (09.28.09, 5:31 AM): Well said Kathy!

Kelly Easter (09.28.09, 5:17 AM): I'd make sure my life was right before God (not a whole lot to change there) and then I would have puppies! What better way to enjoy your last days than with fur balls with puppy breath and scratchy tounges! Unconditional Love, here on Earth.

Dad (09.28.09, 2:01 AM): I agree with occam - I don't think I'd change anything.

Kjersti (09.27.09, 11:21 PM): I'd think to myself, "WOW...in only a year, I finally get to find out what comes next." Then I would try to have at least a few more play days. Not doing that now, because work provides for my present and future. If there wasn't going to be a future, then I could cut back the future savings part to get more time off :-)

Kathy (09.27.09, 9:20 PM): I would take that next year to let all my friends and family know that I know that I'm going to heaven.. and I'd make certain that understood the Gospel of Christ to where they would know how to get there with me. Life is fleeting and eternity is forever, and I want every one of them in heaven with me! My understanding of l the meaning of life is simple....it's the time we're given on this earth during which we decide where we're going to spend eternity (heaven or hell) and how many people we're going to influence to go our way.....there is nothing more profound or important than that....

tammytin (09.27.09, 7:14 PM): First of all I would cry. After I was done with that, I would devise a way to leave little mementos, for my family and friends that they would receive at certain points of their lives. (especially my children) to let them know that I am always with them. I would live hard, laugh hard and love hard, and go peacefully.

sunfrog (09.27.09, 6:57 PM): LOOK UP and listen

kim (09.27.09, 5:55 PM): I think the inclination would be to be with family. Some others would think to do things they've never done before like the bucket list movie. For me...I just don't know...combination of both maybe

Diane (09.27.09, 5:52 PM): Dang occam! That was like a slap in the face! You're absolutely right!

occam (09.27.09, 5:46 PM): If your answer is radically different to what you are doing now then you are wasting your life — do what you want to do now — you may go anytime.— you have only one life and this is it..

Diane (09.27.09, 12:31 PM): I would move back to New Hampshire immediately.....I would want to be as close to my family as possible. Family is #1

PRISCILA MOTA (09.27.09, 9:32 AM): I would travel. I'd pull a MA. Quit my job and just travel with my mom,sis, and nephew. Family is important.