Alex Rubio (09.14.09, 11:57 AM): Excellent review, I love Lollipops!

Yvonne Olds (09.14.09, 11:46 AM): I cant decide if I want the Paintballer or the lollipops first. Baby steps for me. I can't afford everything at once.

Shannon Morgan Photography (09.13.09, 12:45 PM): Michael that is so great!! I love my lollipops :)!!

Boz (09.13.09, 7:55 AM): Nice Review - My Review is - These are the Best! I use them all the time - and it's not at all the same as simply bumping your saturation - these allow you to bump colours individually - perfect!

Rob (09.13.09, 1:35 AM): Very nice review M. Good to see more people taking notice to you hard work. I use lollipops a lot. It is such a time saver. No worries about having to select the colors myself. One click and ready to edit.