kim (09.11.09, 12:41 AM): wow, i didn't get anything about that from the previews...thanks for explaining

michael andrew (09.11.09, 12:17 AM): it was the 9th puppet. Thats it.

Abraham Yang (09.10.09, 8:36 PM): What's with the number 9?

Michael Andrew (09.10.09, 2:40 AM): This is part of the problem- it's hard to tell what the message is- I think it's about hope and facing your fears. The story is about a little puppet that accidentally turns on a monster machine which eats the souls of other little puppets, and they spend the length of the movie fighting it. That about sums it up.

kim (09.10.09, 2:24 AM): do you mind explaining what the heck it's about