michael andrew (09.20.09, 3:49 AM): Canon 7D DVD is in the works!

Reine (09.05.09, 7:54 AM): I bought your crash-course for the EOS 40D. Excellent! Way better than manuals. I valued the advices on what not to spend time on and what to leave alone. Can we count on a crash-course for the 7D? The learning curve expected by browsing the manual for details seems to be rather steep.

Alex Rubio (09.02.09, 3:55 PM): Previous link was invalid...: http://www.usa.canon.com/templatedata/pressrelease/20090901_eos7d.html "The EOS 7D's pop-up flash features a built-in Integrated Speedlite Transmitter for control of multiple off-camera EOS Speedlites without the need for an external transmitter. This built-in wireless option is a compact and economical solution for studio and wedding photography with multiple flash set-ups."

Canon Sept 1 Press Release (09.02.09, 11:03 AM): Canon Confirmed that the Pop-Up Flash features a built in Integrated Speedlite Transmitter for control of multiple off-camera EOS Speedlites without the need for an external transmitter. The Product Support Team for the 7D has not even held the product in their hand nor do they have a manual (They found out Sept 1, just like everyone else). But they think there will be a way to turn off the pop-up flash and use it only as a transmitter.

Alex Rubio (09.02.09, 9:39 AM): Checked the Canon site again looking for the Speedlite Transmitter feature, but did not find anything on it. Could they have forgotten to mention it? The only transmitter is available as an "Option" for file transfer capability.

Derrick (09.02.09, 9:21 AM): I can't wait to see real world samples and feed back on this camera. Its going up against the Nikon 300s (the D300) replacement) which says a lot. I was going to hold out and save up for a 5DII next year and this camera changes things. If the reviews come back good, I would consider buying it and use the savings from not buying a 5DII to buy a nice L lens (24-70). That would be an awesome package. I see photographers using 20 & 30D for weddings and a crop sensor can't be that bad since they are still in business. Let's hope and see what the reviews say. =)

michael andrew (09.02.09, 2:25 AM): :) I know...Ive heard it all before. These are what I call "poo pooers", how can they know these things before they have even tried out or seen the camera in person? Same was said for so many other cameras, including the 50D (15MP) which looks freaking awesome. :)

Anthony (09.02.09, 12:35 AM): Many are dissing it because they believe 18MP is too much for a APS-C sensor. The forums (POTN) users says if there is too much MP on a sensor causes more noise. This is just what I'm reading, I'm new and absorbing everything I can. If I'm wrong please let me know so I can forget about it.

michael andrew (09.01.09, 10:21 PM): Everyone has a preference, mine is to have a both a full frame and 1.6 sensor body in my bag. I can understand why some pros might not be thrilled about it. However, a 1.6x has other nice applications which I appreciate, like shooting with long lens- My 200mm becomes a 320mm, etc. That with the speed (8fps) make the 7D better for shooting sports than my 5DII. To me, all that matters is getting the job done and getting good image quality, I don't care if its full frame or 1.6x or a pin hole film camera as long as its helping me get what I see in my mind. :) Every time Canon comes out with a new camera, someone will dis it- they did the same with the 5DII and the black spots and it has been the best camera I have ever owned. :)

Joshua Martindale (09.01.09, 9:55 PM): LOts of pro's completely dismissing it due to the 1.6X

Deepak Bhardwaj (09.01.09, 8:33 PM): Boy...This is surely a PACKED one. Any idea about the price tag, Michael?

Canon 7D Official Info (09.01.09, 6:09 PM): The Flyer was just sent by Canon. It can be found here.

michael andrew (09.01.09, 3:36 PM): Price is estimated at $1699- Transmitter features were listed on a number of review sites including DPreview and Cnet.com. I gathered the best information I could and posted here for you so you wouldnt have to track this info down. :)

Indiana Wedding Photographer (09.01.09, 3:25 PM): Wow... Now we just need to watch for the price tag... I wonder if this will be in the 1D Range... Just think this next year the 7D and the 60D... will be a great year :)

Alex Rubio (09.01.09, 2:35 PM): Amazing camera, my hands itch!, it has very nice features, like you said the only real feature it is missing to put it above the 5D is the full frame sensor. Michael, are you sure about the speedlite transmitter?, I could not find it on the spec list at Canon...

Alex (09.01.09, 2:21 PM): I think a great thing about the AF system is that there is also a group AF, where you can choose a group of 5 AF points.

michael andrew (09.01.09, 1:33 PM): Agreed- It looks to be a slightly higher level camera, which means it may not be replacing the 50D. In fact, the only thing I really like more about my 5DII at this point is that it is full frame. Will be interesting to see how the AF is improved, but you will never know until you test it.

Derrick (09.01.09, 1:22 PM): I heard this rumor and thought this would be a nice step up from a 40D early next year as a primary camera. Sounds to me that this is not a 5D II replacement which I originally thought. Nonetheless, this keeps things exciting to look forward to,