Boz (08.23.09, 10:01 PM): Hi Long, just wondering why you are wanting to upgrade to the 40D instead of the 50D or possibly 60D in the next few months? Just curious, I have both, and I really prefer the advancements in the 50D, just a little input ps, you can always find one on ebay - I would go through a store using ebay though, just for safe measure.

Long (08.23.09, 2:19 PM): Hi I bought the rebel Xsi and i been taking alot more pictures. now i want to upgrade my camera to a 40D but i don't know where to buy one at the Discontinued do you know where is a good site i can go to buy one?

Kathy (08.22.09, 3:22 PM): Let me know if you need models for the bride and groom. I know a lovely, beautiful couple who might be persuaded and they are in TN.

Adam Pendleton (08.22.09, 11:29 AM): More details to come?