Boz (08.09.09, 7:36 AM): Amazing to think you have done all that driving and had so many unforgettable experiences - for both you and those who have attended your workshops, in such a brief time. WOW!

michael andrew (08.08.09, 1:45 PM): hey andrea! Just sign up in the forum and let me know what your user name is. :) (Forum is the white button there to the right)

cravephotography (08.08.09, 12:04 PM): Hey Micheal this is Andrea from the Utah mentorship. Just not sure what I need to do to sign up for the business forum???

Kjersti (08.08.09, 2:52 AM): Looking forward to pictures of Seattle, since that is where I was living right before I moved to Maui. It is so beautiful there this time of year.