Alex (11.19.13, 3:27 PM): Hi Michael, I just bought a Canon 70D camera and stumbled upon your videos though you tube. I was so impressed that I bought the Crash Course for the 70D. I feel for you about people ripping you off, theft is not OK. I do think that you might want to rethink your pricing policy though ... my example for you would be Apple ... compared to Microsoft their prices are much more reasonable and people honor that by not downloading cracked software ... I think your pricing is a little steep (without trying to undermine your undeniably excellent productions) however, if you state that less than 1% pay for your products, wouldn't lowering the prices drastically encourage more people to buy??? I'll admit, your advanced photography course sounds awesome, but 50 odd $ is too much for my psychological barrier for a movie download ... for 20$ I would already have it on my computer ... wouldn't your profits go up if you could increase the number of customers by lowering prices and maybe getting the 1% up to 50 - 75% ? I'm not a business guru, but that's what I would do ... thank you again for an excellent product!!!!

michael andrew (08.10.09, 4:11 PM): I really appreciate everyone's support- its only because of you guys I am able to do what I do, and in turn I will always give you my very best effort. :) M

Luis (08.09.09, 12:52 PM): Copying the work of other people is wrong but I would like to make a point. When you buy DVD's you can not return them and I have bought some that simply "SUCK" and I feel I should be able to get my money back if I get such a product. Fortunately Michael Andrew makes the best DVD's you can get and you get at least 3 times more of what you paid!. I encourage everybody to buy his videos and keep supporting him so he can make more and more videos!, Chau, Luis.

tammy tin (08.08.09, 4:25 PM): I have been self employed for 20 some odd years, I have been stolen off of more than I care to think about, from employees, customers, distributors and yes... even family. I know how it feel to be ripped off it is a sickening feeling. I don't wish it on anyone. I whole heartily agree that people who steal should be prosecuted. I think people look at software piracy differently and it is unfortunate indeed. I have bought every program I have of Michaels myself and have not shared them with anyone. I feel good about that!

Derrick (08.06.09, 9:38 PM): I purchased 3 DVD's from you already and I will purchase more in the future. One may ask, "Why would you pay for this when you get it for free "? My answer is that I don't like stealing from anyone especially when I am learning from them for a fraction of the potential cost. In your DVD's, you take time out to talk about piracy, in fact more than once. Michael, don't wait any more and start acting on this. I would think that most of your audience here are following you because we are learning and thus will support you. Examples need to be made and folks will reconsider once they see the unexpected outcomes. It could be a simple call to make things right again. People do things because they can get away with it. Call them out on what they are doing and they will change very quickly.......... =0

Scott Roeben (08.06.09, 6:38 PM): Good for you! The other day, I had someone on Flickr ask about a given photo and what action(s) I'd used. I answered, and got back an e-mail that said, "Can you send me that action?" I was surprised by how common it is for people to just give away the work of others without compensating the the creator(s). I don't know if I was all that conscious about all this until I met you, Michael. People feel OK about stealing from big companies, but it's not just some big, faceless THING our there. It's people. People like you who pour their creativity and hard work into products, and they deserve to be compensated for that. Glad you're taking a stand!

Deepak (08.06.09, 10:42 AM): Very well said Michael. Thats the way it should be. I dont understand why people buy DVDs and then share it for free. If they want someone to use the knowledge, have them pay for it.

Julia Shinkle (08.06.09, 8:19 AM): I get so fired up about this kind of thing too. It just amazes me how much hard work people put into things like this...if they put the same amount of effort into working hard on something honest and a project that was their wonder how different their life would be. Obviously, these type of people have a little bit of computer smart because they know how to convert things and put them on the web...why can't they use those smarts for something good. See I told you I get fired up. I'm sorry Michael, it really is too bad because you do work so hard on these and they are so well thought out.

Mike Cruz (08.06.09, 8:05 AM): This should be written and shown on each of the DVD you produced or will be producing... Sometimes people are ignoring the FBI warning, some strong message like this will have them think twice...

Steve (08.06.09, 5:43 AM): Way to go, Michael. You should get every penny you earn.