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08.11.10     photography  

Cell Phone Photography Contest!!

Let's get this party started! How would you like to be the owner of a brand spankin new Canon Rebel T2i With Kit Lens?:

I know you are probably thinking: "I don't have a camera", or "I don't have a stamp or envelope to enter any contests" (its possible). Or "I do not live in the USA." Well, I have news for your mister (or missus, or teenager/semi-spoiled kid who has parents permission to enter)- I, Michael Andrew, am personally inviting you to enter my first (and possibly last- depending on how this plays out) Cell Phone Photography Contest!

I had my first photography contest last year, and I felt it was a very successful and inspiring event. Shannon Morgan, from Washington won a Canon T1i Digital Rebel as the Grand Prize Winner. This year, we will have the same contest, but I am adding an additional / separate type contest, and that is pictures you take, edit and submit entirely by Cell Phone. The best part is....it is FREE!

I realize this may turn into something pretty big and I also know it can also be a "non-event". If no one wants to play, I guess I will have to give these great prizes to the cleaning lady. The Main Event will also go down and be announced shortly, I'm just getting the final details and judges together.

I will be adding more information, resources and prizes as they become available!

Here are the Cell Phone Photography Contest Rules:

Cell Phone Photography Contest Rules

The Grand Prize Winner will be: One Brand NEW Canon Rebel T2i With Kit Lens - (or A Gift Card of Equivalent Amount from BHPhoto)
The other 2 - 1st place winners will receive Canon Point and Shoot Digital Cameras (Or Equivalent Gift Cards from BHPhoto)
For the remaining individuals who place (2nd or 3rd place) there will be additional prizes (yet to be determined).

1. All images must be submitted between: August 11th 2010- September 30, 2010 at 11:59pm
2. Images must be submitted electronically, either by text message or emailed to: mavencontest@gmail.com
3. Images must be taken between August 1st 2010-September 30, 2010
4. You may enter up to 2 images in each category. Submitting "extras" will lead to disqualification.
5. The 3 Cell Phone Categories Are:

A. Portrait
B. Landscape
C. Wildcard (this is everything else that isn't Portrait and Landscape)

6. The Subject of your entry submission must have "Cell Phone Contest" , followed by a category name: "Cell Phone Contest-Protrait" for example.
7. Images may be edited, but must be done on your phone only. Using Apps are allowed as long as you list which Apps were used in your submission.
8. Your name and contact information (name & email are required) must be submitted with each image. If your image wins, and we are unable to contact you, or you do not respond, your prize will be forfeited.
9. By submitting your images, you give Michael The Maven and its representatives, permission to reproduce & show on websites, social media or other materials for promotional purposes. We also reserve the right to print your image to inspect image quality if necessary.
10. We reserve the right to expand the number of winners and make adjustments to the rules at our discretion.
11. There will be an initial selection process by Michael, from which a panel of judges (yet to be determined) will vote for 5 Finalists in each category. The remaining images will be voted on by blog readers.

If you have questions, please ask below in the comments box and I will update with answers.

This part of our contest is now open.

Even if you are not interested in entering, please help get the word out and post this link on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else you may think would help. I would really like to get as many people involved as possible, and by having a "cell phone" part of the contest, it makes it available for everyone!

Need Tips and Suggestions to make your images great?

Cell Phone Photography Contest Resources:

- Tons of great basic composition lessons at: Michael The Mentor
- Here is a great Video from F-Stoppers on using good light sources to improve image quality.

The iPhone Fashion Shoot - Lee Morris Shoots With The 3GS Fstoppers from FStoppers on Vimeo.

I will be announcing the rest of the details of the full contests (SLR Cameras, etc) very soon. Can you say….Canon 7D Anyone? :)

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